"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be"    ~ Lao Tzu


Our Mission

Caroline started InspirED Me with 1 core mission: to inspire.  

Everything that InspirED Me offers and shares, from courses and workshops to transformative business coaching and personal mentoring, upholds this vision and supports the essential journey of growth and transformation.

At InspirED Me, we believe in living an inspired and authentic life of abundance, creativity, balance, purpose and connection.

meet the team

Caroline Stewart

InspirED Me Founder, Mentor, and Director of Inspiration

meditation, yoga & mentoring

Caroline's journey with Yoga, Meditation & Personal Transformation began some 17 or so years ago with a crash course introduction to both the physical and spiritual practices of Yoga.  She was immediately hooked, but not by the asana.  It was the philosophy - the deeper teachings, that got her.

Yoga & Meditation have been constants for Caroline.  At some times playing a greater role in terms of physical practice, while always remaining a part of her ideology and approach to life.

Caroline loves to facilitate self-discovery.  With so much depth and wisdom to explore Yoga, Meditation and Mentoring offer the perfect vehicle for this journey of inquiry, growth and personal evolution.


Business Growth Coaching

Over the past 13 years, Caroline has developed the skill of growing vision-based business - spending time understanding the inner workings and implementing vision and heart-centred strategies.  As Founder and Owner of Wellness Within Health & Learning Centre, and the Shine Festival, Caroline is experienced in many levels of business practice.

Caroline's experience in growing and running successful business, alongside her passion for supporting and empowering business owners, are the secret ingredients you need for Mentoring & Coaching that produce real results - long-term growth in both personal and business success, and a business that supports your foundational vision.

Connect with Caroline

E-mail: learn@inspirEDme.ca

Facebook: www.facebook.com/theinspiredme/



Timmie Horvath

Reiki Master Teacher, ERYT, FIS, HWL

Timmie Wanechko is a Reiki + Energy Healing Master Teacher, and Yoga + Dance Fitness Instructor based in Edmonton, AB.

With a background in nursing, she has been a wellness professional since 2009, and holds numerous certifications in Yoga, fitness, nutrition, holistic health, and energy healing. She is the founder of the Mind Body Reiki School of Energy Healing, where she offers Reiki + Crystal Healing training via group workshops and private training.

Timmie is also a freelance writer and blogger at TimmieWanechko.com.

Kat Boehm-Profile Picture-InspirED Me-Wellness-Meditation-Yoga-Edmonton-Canada.jpg

Kat Boehm

ERYT200, Meditation Training Facilitator

Kat discovered and began sitting silent retreats in 1997. She has spent time in India, Burma and the United States on extended silent retreats with renowned teachers in different Buddhist lineages. Kat constantly evolves and deepens her practice of mindfulness meditation through study, retreats and the continual support of her teachers and community of practitioners. The practice of meditation is a gradual process towards the mind’s natural state of clarity and ease. It is a practice that requires care and curiousity, developing a compassionate understanding of our human life and the possibility to live with awareness and contentment.  She is also an experienced Yoga and Pilates Instructor.

Kat loves to ride her bike, has a voracious appetite for dark chocolate, spends quality time with her husband, friends and in nature to enjoy the simple yet delightful aspects of daily life!


Carolyn Collin

Owner of ReDefine ™, Professional Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner and Crystal Healer

My name is Carolyn J Collin and I am in short…a midwife of possibility and new perspectives. I created ReDefine ™ due to the struggles I witnessed in my early life as well as what I noticed in others lives. ReDefine ™ is about redefining your stories, your self-imposed limitations and your filters of perception in order to create a life that is more meaningful, enjoyable and aligns with your deepest desires. I've studied personal development for 20 plus years and still continue my quest to arm myself and others with the best tools and skills so that you can live a life that you are proud of.  

I’ve seen far too many people paralyzed with fear in the what if’s (myself inclusive), believing there was no way out. Too often we look to our conditions to give us permission to move ahead with our goals and dreams. In addition, we allow the influence of our environment to dictate the choices and actions we make daily, instead of playing an active role in life. There are far too many people living on “auto pilot” and in denial. I’m here to change that! It’s time to step into a Greater Existence.

Connect with Carolyn
Phone: 780-660-9824 (cell)
E-mail: redefine.coach@gmail.com