What inspires you? Caroline Stewart interviews Christine Nicole | InspirED Me Learning & Mentoring

Caroline's vision of inspiring others is brought to life in this video series where she interviews InspirED community leaders to reveal how they find and share their inspiration.

In this interview, Caroline chats with Christine Nicole of BODYCHERISH

Website: www.bodycherish.ca 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/cherishyourbodyandadoreyourlife/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/bodycherish/ 

For the last 7+ years Christine has worked as an Exercise Physiologist & Therapist, specializing in injury rehabilitation, fitness and lifestyle management services. Her experience working with hundreds of clients, from all walks of life with a variety of goals & challenges, has lead Christine to believe that there is so much more at play, than just diet and exercise, when one is working to achieve optimal health and well-being. It is this realization, mixed in with her own personal transformational journey, that has inspired Christine to become involved with energy healing services and thus become an Advanced Reiki Practitioner & Certified Crystal Healer. Christine is also ridiculously passionate about all things green beauty & animal friendly, and that is what has inspired the organic body care line. 

Really, the true purpose of BODYCHERISH is to empower women to create their most vibrant health & well-being- body, mind & spirit. The mission is to inspire radical self-love & care through information, products & services; all designed to nourish your spirit, cherish your body and in doing so adore every bit of your life!

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