Inspired Me Episode 102 - "I don't teach you to have better orgasms" with Amanda Ings

Welcome to this episode of Inspired Me - inspiration from the heart.  Today, I sit down to chat with the wonderful Amanda Ings.  Oh, and Hendrix, the sweet little Buddha dog stops by for a visit or 2.

Amanda is a teacher and student of Yoga and really, of life itself.  Amanda shares her love of the practices of Yoga around the world, and today she’s talking with us about what inspires her on this path.

Disclaimer from Amanda - “I don’t teach you to have better orgasms.”

Wanting a run down on today’s episode before diving in?  Why of course!
* How Amanda came to Yoga through travelling the world as an International Model
* What Tantra is, and what it isn’t
* Amanda’s fundamental inspiration as embodiment practice
* The difference between desiring to GIVE attention vs. GET attention
* How to start your morning when you’re not a ‘morning person’ (p.s. it’s totally ok to NOT be a morning person)
* The truth is that whatever I want to block out, that IS the path - the way to freedom
* Life will eventually show you where the medicine is
* Amanda’s experience of diving into the depths of practice and being burned up in the fire of awareness and self-reflection
* The beauty of compassion that naturally arises the more that we hold the reality of the human experience
* Why we can’t just conceptualize spirituality and what it means to be a good human - we actually have to FEEL it
* The call of dharma - what it means to have a choiceless path
* Finding your place in the web of connectivity

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