Meditation is about connection and uncovering the simple truth of who we truly are.  It is an empowering practice that brings us in touch with the present moment and offers an acceptance of what is.  

Exploring the path of meditation is an opportunity available to everyone.  To think that we can’t meditate is to think that we can’t breathe.  Meditation is as simple as the automatic action of breathing.  It is who we are.  



As a Meditation Instructor, you will offer the support and tools needed to guide students on this journey of remembering who they are.  Through 2 levels of certification you will gain the experience needed to share the foundations and ongoing practice of meditation.  Upon completion of each level of the program you will receive a Certificate of Completion and be registered as a Certified Meditation Instructor through InspirED Me Learning & Coaching.

  • Level One - Foundations of Guiding Meditation (60hrs)
  • Level Two - Transformations of Guiding Meditation (90hrs)

Our Meditation Teacher Training program is based on the teachings of Mindfulness and personal authenticity.  Though incorporating understandings from a variety of traditions and spiritual practices, the training does not teach a specific style or tradition.  Rather, we offer an inclusionary approach to teaching that allows for a wide variety of techniques, teachings and understanding.  Our focus is on the expansion of individual awareness and providing the teacher the tools needed to help facilitate this learning. 


*Trainings with Caroline Stewart are eligible for Continuing Education Credits with the Yoga Alliance