Who am I? Why am I here? - Guided Meditation with Caroline Stewart

We are meaning makers. Humans are hard-wired to search for meaning. To understand ourselves and our experience. This personal exploration may be a source of great joy, or of struggle and confusion.

How we choose to answer the essential questions - Who am I? and Why am I here? form the basis of our experience of both Self and of the world around us. In essence, we create meaning. We choose our experience based on how we see ourselves and what we identify with.

In this Meditation, we explore these questions together and create space for the mystery to reveal itself.

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who am i? why am I here? - Guided Meditation Script by Caroline Stewart (12 mins)

Welcome to this Meditation practice exploring the essential questions of Who am I? and Why am I here?

These questions really touch into the depths of who you are at your core. The essence of your being.

And so, to explore these questions and to dive deeper into the inquiry, we must set up the space for openness. To hold the possibility of truth to reveal itself to us.

We begin by finding presence. By softening into the experience of now.

So, find your position of Meditation. You have the choice here of finding a position that suits you. I share this with every Meditation because it does not need to be rigid. It can be very fluid, based on what it is that your body needs and perhaps even what you intuitively know is needed by your mind, your emotional experience, and even your Spirit.

Perhaps choosing either a seated or laying position, or maybe even a combination of both - semi-reclining or in a supportive relaxed position of your choosing.

When you find your position of Meditation, move and shift your body into alignment. Whether or not you are fully aware of the energetics of your body, when you tune in to your internal world - into your experience within - you will find that there is a place of stillness. A place of balance that is possible when your body is in alignment.

Once you found comfort and stability, settle in. Open to relaxation and deep rest. Begin to turn your focus inward. Breathe deeply find support in the rhythm of your breath.

Take a moment now to remember back to when you were a child. Bring yourself back as far as you can possibly remember into the experience of being an infant. Having no sense of Self but rather being the Observer of your experience.

Looking out those bright eyes of yours. Those curious eyes taking in the world around you.

In this space of being an infant ask yourself - Who am I? and Why am I here?

Allow the wisdom to reveal itself.


And now carry yourself forward. Starting to grow up. Perhaps now you're three, four or five years old and you're starting to really experience the world more through your senses. Through curiosity and play.

Witness again yourself as the Observer of your experience as a child. Ask the questions Who am I? Why am I here?

Again, allow the wisdom of this age, of this time, to reveal itself to you.


And now imagine yourself as a teenager. Really feel into the experience. Bring up any memories that stand out for you and feel the emotions. The mental and emotional experience of that time.

From this lens from this perspective ask the questions Who am I? Why am I here?


Bring yourself forward now into adulthood. Into whatever stage of life that you are in and really open to the experience of Now. Asking yourself the questions Who am I? Why am I here?


As you have seen, this experience of Self shifts. It moves and is very much based on where you are in your life. The answer is not absolute. Rather it is a continuing exploration - a curiosity that requests for you to simply be present with it. To play to explore.

As you hold the realization of your shifting experience of Self - of truth for you - be with the mystery.

Be with the curiosity.

And in this space, I invite you to ask the question…

What is it that is seeking to emerge through and as me now?

In this moment. Moving forward.

Now really hold space for this revealing of truth, for this revealing of purpose and of higher vision.


As we come to a close for this Meditation, I offer you this insight - that perhaps it's not actually about finding the answers. Maybe it's the curiosity that matters. The exploration and the willingness to go deeper and deeper into truth. To open ourselves to the mystery.

Om mani padme hum

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