Tuning into Your Quantum Potential Meditation

Are you ready?  You’ve just taken the first step in becoming that energetic match to your heartfelt desires.

BUT FIRST...a little inquiry to set the stage.

Begin by writing down what it is that you desire.  Write in bullet points and make it extremely clear and specific.  The only specifics to leave out are how and when.

My desires are...

  • What is your heart calling you to create?

  • Do you seek financial abundance?  Write down your abundance goals

  • How about relational?  Personal growth?  Spirituality?

Now, list the elevated emotions you will feel upon realizing these desires.  Choose at least 3.  I suggest including gratitude as this is a powerful elevated emotion that we tend to feel every time a desire is realised.

My elevated emotions are...

  • Gratitude

  • Joy

  • Love

  • Worthy

  • Free

  • Accomplished

  • Creative

  • Empowered

  • Uplifted

  • Purposeful

  • Connected

  • Inspired

Now, choose a letter or a simple word that represents your manifestation.  It can be any letter or word that feels right to you.  Keep it short.  It is a symbol that you will use in meditation to hold the frequency of your desire.

The next step is to tap into the Quantum Field and tune into the frequency of your manifestation.  So, if you haven't already, download that Meditation and get yourself started!!

**Also note that it is extremely beneficial to repeat the Meditation daily for AT LEAST a week.  I'd give it a month or more to really create a habit out of it.

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