Waking up to Transition - Guided Meditation with Caroline Stewart

At any moment we can wake up to the change that we are in. Looking through the eyes of awareness we see that we are actually safe. That in this present moment, we are EXACTLY where we are meant to be.

When we wake up to change, it is helpful to first determine where we are in the natural cycle of transition. Then, we can inquire more deeply into the experience and ultimately feel at peace with the past and excited about creation moving forward.

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Waking Up to Transition - Guided Meditation Script by Caroline Stewart

Welcome to this Meditation on Transition.

Transitions are very important in our life. Change is an inevitable part of the human experience. And so often we fail to recognize the importance of moving through these changes consciously, with awareness and attention.

It is easy to push aside the emotional experience of change and often times we set aside the experiences in order to move on.

But eventually, the emotions and the experience catches up with us. Sometimes laying dormant for a long time and showing itself in ways that are destructive or destabilising at the very least.

And so, it is essential that we honor transition. That we take the time to move through and address the experiences that have created change. And to mine this change in order to discover the gifts contained within. The jewels of truth, of Love, of support.

We will begin the meditation by setting out on the essential journey of moving from head to heart. We shift our focus and our attention away from thoughts, away from the belief patterns that have created our experience, and into the space of possibility. The space of truth and of deep knowing that exists within our heart.

So move your attention to focus on your heart space. Breathe in relaxation. Breathe in ease and comfort and compassion. Breathe in kindness and understanding. Breathe in love and deep acceptance.

As you exhale out of this space of your heart center, feel these gifts spread through your body out in all directions. Bringing with them comfort and relaxation.

Softening into the muscles, into the bones, into the joints. Bringing a sense of ease, the sense of softness, into every cell of the body. Enlivening and at the same time bringing peace bringing softness.

Continue to bring in these qualities of compassion, of acceptance, of love. And as you exhale, continue to spread these qualities, and these feelings into you and through all parts of your body. Extending out even beyond the edges of your physical form to fill your energetic body.

As this breath cycle brings comfort and relaxation into the body, we have an opportunity to reflect on transition. The breath itself being transitional. Every inhale brings with it new beginnings, new possibility.

The space between, the pause. Allowing the breath, the pranic energy of life, to circulate through the body. To bring with it possibility, sustenance, nourishment.

And with every exhale, we release and we let go. The cycle then begins anew. Starting again.

Every moment is transition. Every breath, a letting go. A new beginning.

Just as it does not serve you to hold your breath for too long or to focus solely on an inhale, so it is the same with transition, with change. We must let go of. We must bring in nourishment to welcome the new.

And we don't let go of by ignoring or withholding. We place just as much attention, just as much focus, on the surrender of the out breath. As we do the pause. And then the in-breath. All are essential parts of the cycle.

Continue to breathe. And continue to feel and reflect on this cycle of transition.

Let's now begin to extend the pause in between the inhale (pause) and the exhale (pause). Hold at the top of your inhale (pause) and hold at the bottom of your exhale (pause).

Continue this cycle for a few rounds. This type of breathing, holding at the top of your inhale and then at the bottom of your exhale, is known as box-breathing. It is a reset for your body and mind.

It actually shifts your nervous system actively out of the sympathetic nervous system response into one of healing and of rest.

To pay attention to the pauses, to allow yourself the full experience of the cycle of the transition, is to offer your body and mind such possibility for rebalancing. For returning to truth. To creation.


And now we shift into the process of inquiring into the experience that has led us into this transition.

Every change, every shift in our circumstances is necessarily an ending. A letting go of what was. And the more that we placed our hopes and our dreams into what was the more we experience. A sense of loss, a sense of grief, of letting go.

This inquiry into the shifts, into the changes, the natural transitions in our life helps to bring closure. To offer a sense of acceptance, a sense of kindness, of trust.

It helps us also to hear more clearly your heart guidance. This then opens the way forward. It allows us to spend our time, energy and focus in the present moment. In the space of creation.

And so I welcome you again to place your attention in your heart center, to activate your heart chakra. The energetic center of both your energy body and also your physical body.

This is the connection between your external and your internal world. It is the connection to your soul truth. To your heart's expression.

Set the intention of bringing forward from your subconscious into thought that which may have been hidden.

Bring up an experience of change that you have been going through. Really consider the experience and how it is currently affecting you in your life.


And with this experience now active in your energy body, and perhaps even in your emotional and physical body, I invite you to inquire.

I’ll pose three questions and after each, offer space of silence for quiet reflection. This space is where you can really let your heart speak. To allow your heart to share its wisdom with you.

The first question..,

How did this change affect my body, my mind, and my perception of life?


And now, the second question of inquiry. What do I feel is still unresolved from this transition? How can I now find resolution?

Again, let your heart speak.


Now the third question. What did I learn from this change? What gifts have I been given in this transition?


Knowing that you can return again to these questions, I now offer you the opportunity to connect with your heart wisdom. With the offering of possibility, of Creation. Connecting to your heart's guidance to allow what is unfolding NOW, in this present moment to be revealed.

In this space of silence, I offer you the suggestion to take this time to listen. To open to your heart's guidance. To receive more of the gifts of this transition.


As we begin now to close the meditation, it's time to offer the deepest gratitude to your heart's wisdom. To this offering of truth that is being gifted to you now.

I truly believe that life happens FOR us and not simply to us. This gift of learning, of curiosity, and play is ours every moment, every time we choose to look through the eyes of possibility and of gratitude.

And so I offer you this same perspective. To see the change not as loss, but as the gift that it is. The contribution that this change offers to your present moment experience and to the richness of your life. All of the lessons you have learned, to all of the relationships you have grown to cherish, the intimacy that continues to develop.

I also offer you the perspective of your own growth, of your own continued unfolding, this change helping you to become more and more of who you are in your essence. Becoming a greater reflection of your true inner being.

Let us now close this Meditation together. Offering gratitude and thankfulness for all that has led us to this present moment. May we open to the possibilities, to the true offering of creation that is seeking to emerge now through and as us.

Om Mani Padme Hum

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