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Learn to Meditate - FREE 4-Week Online Series (Starts Nov 4)

  • This is an ONLINE Course Edmonton Canada (map)

Learning to Meditate shouldn't be stressful. Isn't the whole point of Meditation to calm the nervous system and release stress? Well, that's part of it...

Learn all about this and so much more in the 4-Week Online Series starting November 4 as we explore the practice and learn how to incorporate Meditation into your life, in a way that works for YOU!

Each week, I will send you dynamic learning materials that will guide and support you on this journey including a Video that covers the weekly topic, Guided Meditation practices (short and longer options) and Inquiry Questions to help support your personal exploration and incorporate the insights you are discovering into your daily life.

Meditation is a hot topic these days. And for good reason! The practice of Meditation is awesome for stress relief, improving concentration, becoming more self-aware, building resilience, healing and boosting overall health, and increasing happiness.

Are you curious about how Meditation can work for you? Interested in starting your own personal practice?

Well, you've come to the right place! In this 4-Week Learn to Meditate series, we will dive head first into the practice, unmask the myths about meditation, and set you up for success in your own personal practice.

Here's a Weekly Outline of what we will be covering together:

  • Week 1 - The Whys & Hows of Meditation

  • Week 2 - Finding Your Focus in Breath & Mantra/Affirmation

  • Week 3 - Sit With It: Present Moment Awareness

  • Week 4 - Compassion, Inquiry & Personal Growth

Investment FREE and by Donation

**YES! There is absolutely NO need to contribute financially to this offering. It is my gift to you.

If you do choose to Donate, please know that all funds offered are going directly to supporting the growth of our River Sanctuary Retreat.

About Your Guide - Caroline Stewart

Dream chaser, adventure seeker, teacher, student, lover of the quiet. All about sitting with it, writing about it and practicing BEFORE I preach.

As founder and Director of Inspiration for InspirED Me, I love working in creative and transformative ways, with people who share my passion for joy and authenticity.

I share this message of inspiration openly and authentically through mentoring, business growth coaching, teaching, and the written word.

"Working with Caroline is like coming home to yourself. She helps you discover the truth inside of you and gives you the tools you need to live the life you've always dreamed."