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Yoga Nidra Meditation - 6 Week Online Progressive Series (Starts Oct 21)

  • This is an ONLINE Course Edmonton Canada (map)

Join Caroline Stewart in this in-depth and progressive exploration of the Meditative practice of Yoga Nidra starting October 21, 2019.

This 6-week online series is designed to take you through a direct experience with Self. You will dive into the depths of understanding each layer of the Self and emerge with renewed vision and insight.


$108 +gst


Beginning October 21, 2019

Each Monday morning of the series you will be emailed the content for that week. Included in the weekly e-mail is a video diving into the topic and layer of consciousness for that week, a full Yoga Nidra meditation practice that you can stream or download for future listening, and bonus exercises/activities to help integrate the learning for the week.

Week 1: Overview, benefits, cultivating awareness, sankalpa
Week 2: Anamaya kosha (whats happening in the brain, intelligent flow in body, awareness of body)
Week 3: Pranamaya kosha - breath awareness, counting, energy flows
Week 4: Manomaya Kosha: Awareness of opposites (harmonizing brain centres = homeostasis) , 6 main ones (heavy/light, hot/cold, pain/pleasure), talk about dualistic nature of mind and ability to witness this nature
Week 5: Vijyanamaya kosha - Creative centre in brain, awakening creativity, purging subconscious / rapid visuals, long visual
Week 6: Full practice with Anandamaya kosha focus - our true nature, unbounded consciousness. Who am I?

The wisdom teaching of Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation practice that leads you on a journey of expanded consciousness, through the 5 sheaths of Self - physical, energetic/subtle, mental, wisdom, and bliss. Rather than focusing on the development of just one, the practice of Yoga Nidra provides you with a direct experience with all - demonstrating both the importance of each and the interrelated and dependent nature of all.

The deep relaxation offered by Yoga Nidra creates a quiet and receptive brain state, which is fertile ground for revealing and releasing deeply held limiting beliefs (samskaras). Through use of a Sankalpa or personal resolve, the practice provides space to rework the inner programming we create through our lives. Through Yoga Nidra, when we see that we hold beliefs that are limiting, we can offer them up for change so that we operate from a more open and honest way of being.