LEVEL TWO (90 hrs)

Transformations of Guiding Meditation

Transformations of Guiding Meditation is the next step in developing your skills as a Meditation teacher.  This in-depth study course will take you further into unravelling the mysteries of the mind and into your own personal style of learning and teaching.   Focus is on personal development as a Guide of Meditation and hands-on practice in creating content and leading group and individual sessions.


The course is divided into 8 modules:

  • Module 1 - Foundations & History

  • Module 2 - The 3 Levels of Consciousness

  • Module 3 - Self-Inquiry

  • Module 4 - The Chakras

  • Module 5 - Developing a Personal Practice

  • Module 6 - Guided Meditations

  • Module 7 - Holding Space

  • Module 8 - The Business & Ethics of Teachin



A practicum is required for each Level of the Meditation Teacher Training in order to help you integrate your learning and develop your skills as a teacher.  

Level Two - 58 hr Practicum that includes a deepening self-practice and active inquiry, class series planning and developing a meditation script






*Trainings with Caroline Stewart are eligible for Continuing Education Credits with the Yoga Alliance