Timmie Wanechko

What inspires you - Caroline interviews Timmie Wanechko of Mind Body Reiki

Energy matters! And accountability loses out over fear. These are a couple of the nuggets of wisdom that Timmie Wanechko of Mind Body Reiki shares in this What inspires me? interview with Caroline Stewart.

Short on time? Here's a run down of what happens:
0:25 – Who is Timmie Wanechko?
1:40 – What inspires me BECOMES what I offer
2:04 – It’s the little things that transform you
2:40 – How Timmie’s self care with Reiki became her work
3:35 – Accountability wins out over fear – put your dreams into action!
5:10 – Failing to try IS failing
5:35 – Self-care is receiving
5:55 – Why teachers stop receiving
6:35 – Learning by applying and putting in the effort with Herbalism
8:14 – Taking the time to integrate as you read transformative books
9:35 – “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek” ~ Joseph Campbell
10:45 – Embracing your shadow side and facing your fears
11:06 – Energy 100,000% matters!
12:43 – How a vision board that’s not really a vision board works
14:05 – Do the work!
14:30 – Energy propels action
15:05 – The discomfort right before expansion
15:38 – Thank you!