Radical Honesty - Holding Space for Truth

Radical Honesty - Holding Space for Truth

Radical Honesty is a complete truthfulness that holds nothing back.  No veils of illusion.  No layers of protection.  Only the direct reflection of what is, as it is, in this present moment experience.  Without judgment or separation.

Stay in Love, Leave in Love, Live in Love

The only truth I know for certain is that relationships have a beginning and an end.  And while this may seem a bit morbid, I see it as reason to truly appreciate the person you are connected with NOW, not later.

There are no guarantees of the future.  Only opportunities in this present moment to honour the magic and beauty that exists in each of us πŸŒŸπŸ¦„

And if at some point you are parted, either by choice or not, Love is still possible.  Love is available to us at all times.  Deep appreciation, acceptance, and celebration for this unique and incredible person you have the privilege to share even a small part of your life with.

In relationships, we so often want to β€˜know’ what the right thing is to do.  Do we stay, do we go?  Do we invest more or do we cut our losses?

I’m a firm believer in following the Love and allowing the state of Love guide you every step of the way.

No, I don’t mean going wherever you feel the most loved.  Because FEELING loved is not the same as BEING Love.

What I mean is always asking...

πŸ’œ How can I bring more Love to this situation?

πŸ’œ How can I Love myself more in this moment?

πŸ’œ How can I Love the other more in this moment?

Being Love - accepting, understanding, open, vulnerable, intimate, honest, genuine - is the only way to the clarity and freedom we seek.

And so if you’re ever confused about whether you should stay or leave in a relationship, or are just totally frustrated with a lack of feeling loved by the other, I invite you to try this.  Throw all the love you can at the relationship.  Truly embody love and BE the love you are seeking.

Clarity will come and you may just find that Love you thought went missing long ago...

Or, you will realize that Love means separating paths and each exploring different directions.  Love is an honouring of your soul path and a deep respect for the other to honour theirs.