Powerful Choices

by Caroline Stewart

How do you show up for yourself?

When you feel that there is a discord between your heart’s knowing and your current reality, what do you do about it?

It was not long ago that I did NOTHING

I was deeply afraid to rock the boat

To risk being exposed to criticism or worse, to rejection

“It will resolve itself”, I would tell myself

But it didn’t

And both my choices and my resulting reality became more and more at odds with what was in my heart

The world reflects back what we put out

If we are ‘playing it cool’ on the outside, but inside are secretly wishing that we would be heard or seen for who we truly are, then we’re sending a sh!t ton of mixed signals

The Universe responds to what we put out

Not to what we hide

When we keep our true desires under wraps, our reality will move steadily further and further away from our truth

You know what that feels like

It’s suffocating

And the more we do it, the more layers of untruth there are to separate us from our deepest desires

We may even begin to forget that we have these heart longings within us

Or become jaded with the world and it’s ability to meet our needs

Then...we may get so sick and tired of our own BS (truly, we often find ourselves in sickness - this is a pretty good sign of discord) that we have NO CHOICE but to take a chance on truth

These are the times in your life where you end up making major pivots

Perhaps a job, a relationship, or simply the way that you speak your truth

You may begin having tough conversations

Expressing your truth more clearly

The risk of being rejected simply can’t hold you back any longer

You realize that by holding back, YOU have been rejecting YOURSELF all along


‘How could I have gotten so far away from myself?’ you wonder

One choice at a time beautiful 💗

And so you begin the painstaking journey of dismantling every structure you have built to separate yourself from truth

You decide that you are done with playing small, with this hiding your light

You quickly realize that unless you want to backslide into this space of separation again, you need to speak truth ALWAYS

Even when it’s uncomfortable

You know what happens when you don’t

Now is the time for POWERFUL CHOICES

🌟 Powerful Choices are about authenticity

They are love in action

🌟 Powerful Choices are sharing that you feel a relationship isn’t working, rather than waiting it out another 6 months to see if things will get better

🌟 Powerful Choices are taking a chance on your dreams, knowing that if you fall that you’ll be ok, your dreams will find you again

🌟 Powerful Choices are having tough conversations with those you care about, even if it scares you to death (this one is me right here 🙋‍♀️)

🌟 Powerful Choices are about listening to your heart, to her soft whispers of truth, BEFORE they become screams

This journey of discovering your personal power is one that many of us struggle with

It’s ok to start small

And it’s absolutely necessary that we seek support

What is in your heart MUST be shared

That is why you’re here, my love 💗