Why We Fear Change

by Caroline Stewart

We’re wired to fear change.  It’s an essential mechanism of our body-mind systems that help us recognize and respond to danger.  Really, it’s quite a beautiful cascade of mental-physiological events.

This same mechanism comes into play when change is introduced or desired in our lives.  Change is perceived as a threat and a danger in our subconscious mind.

✨The Cycle of Fear✨

  • We begin by observing/recognizing that we desire a change in our lives (ie. we see someone else doing it, we are uncomfortable in a situation etc.)
  • This turns into a realization that change needs to occur and we settle on a desired outcome
  • We judge ourselves for all the reasons that we created the pattern requiring change and get worried about the necessity to create change NOW - creating panic and anxiety
  • This self-judgment works for a short period of time as we are motivated by our discomfort
  • The triggered change and subsequent self-judgment lacks the qualities of intuition, and so we fall into ‘plans’ and control patterns
  • The result?  We are not working with the universe - we are instead trying to take the wheel and steer the ship (often against the wind)
  • This pushing leads to exhaustion, overwhelm, lack of joy, disillusionment
  • And in the end, as a last ditch attempt to maintain some sort of control and safety, we sabotage ourselves and our efforts
  • This misguided self love causes a giving up and a further frustration with both ourselves and our circumstances

The solution?  Well, first it’s the recognition that we all experience this.  It’s natural, it’s evolutionary and our fear is actually a gift in that it protects us.

When we are able to recognize that fear is a natural response to perceived danger then we can begin to look honestly at both the reasons why we want change and at the criticism and self-judgment that comes in.

Now, the way that we each do this is likely different.  For me, to name just a few, I meditate, practice Nidra, Yoga, journal, speak to friends, get out in nature, practice inquiry, practice Gratitude, get physically active, and am now learning Tapping.

The way that you recognize truth and get honest with yourself is up to you!!  There are a ton of resources out there to help and they’re all designed to do the same thing - to activate your innate knowing; your inner guru, intuition, true Self, connection with Divine.

It’s essential to get clear on WHY you want change and to come from a place of LOVE ❤️ and not fear or self-judgment.  And once this is settled, change is more natural.  It isn’t based in resistance and criticism.

Stay tuned for more on HOW we change and the way to TAP INTO our evolutionary impulse that naturally changes and grows to express more and more of our true Self ✨


Caroline Stewart-Inspired Me-Hand on Heart