How do I charge what I'm worth? (Part 3 of 3 Abundance Series)

How do I charge what I'm worth?

by Caroline Stewart

What does that even mean?  Isn’t that an odd thing to say…’what I’m worth’?

Well, yah, when you look at it as your innate worthiness and value then it is a super weird thing to say!

But, we’re talking more about what your market value is.  What your services/products demand in the current marketplace.

It can be VERY tempting to undersell ourselves or offer big discounts in the hopes of gaining customers or spreading our reach further.

The problem with undercharging is that what we actually end up doing is attracting only those customers who believe our value is at this discounted rate.  And then you’re stuck there.  In undercharging limbo land.

The tricky thing is that we really only charge what WE ourselves believe our market value is.  And here’s where the real work needs to happen.

If you haven’t pushed yourself before in terms of what you are charging, then the idea of charging a premium rate for what you’re offering will likely feel scary.  It can be uncomfortable to put yourself out there and exposed to the possibility of being rejected.

There’s a sweet spot in terms of product/service worth and this is the spot that you’ve got to find - a price that pushes your comfort zone a little but doesn’t debilitate you, and is still within the spending ability of your target audience.

So, my best suggestion here is find someone who’s selling EXACTLY (or close to) what you are offering and has a similar level of experience to you, and charge close to what they’re charging.

And remember!  You’re going to want to keep upping those prices as you go so if you’re super uncomfortable with charging the full rate at the outset, that’s ok.  You’ll get there :).  Just make sure that you get there sooner rather than later!