I did it!! My Healing Journey after Diastasis Recti Surgery

I am so proud of myself!  I took a HUGE step in supporting my health, vitality and strength yesterday.  I knew this day was coming for over 8 years now.

After my daughter Avery was born on Valentine's Day 2008, I felt some pretty big changes in my body.  My rectus abdominus muscles split causing a full separation of diastasis recti.


What normally takes most post-partum women 6 weeks to heal, never actually healed for me.  It caused such severe back pain that I was often laid out for days at a time if I overexerted myself.

I tried everything!  I used abdominal binders, did daily core exercises (focusing solely on my transverse and obliques), went to physio, avoided all activities and movements that would cause further separation, and toned 'er back in my levels of exertion.  Not an easy thing to do for someone with 2 little ones and who loves being active!

Over the years I kept up with those daily exercises and eventually found some relief with my lower back pain.  I saw many specialists and the answer was always the same - the only way to fix it is through surgery.

For a while there I wouldn't even entertain that possibility.  It seemed a bit too drastic, and frankly it ain't cheap.  But as the years went by and there was no improvement, I started looking into it more.


The Surgery - Abdominoplasty

The surgery to fix diastasis is abdominoplasty.  Yes, that's the same thing as a tummy tuck 😜.  So, in addition to bringing back together the rectus abdominus muscles, it also involves removing extra skin as well.

Funny thing is that I was a little attached to my tiger claw stretch marks that spread across my belly.  They reminded me of how I grew 2 beautiful babies and how truly incredible my body is.  But, in the service of the greater good, I guess I can trade them in for 1 long lightning bolt ⚡️scar (which I plan to get a wicked phoenix tattoo over in the coming months!).

The recovery is going to be a slow one, with very small improvements to start with and keeping to the house for the next couple weeks.  Until then, I'd love coffee and movie dates and to hear word of the outside world.  Come and visit any time!  Well, call first.  I do love me a good nap 😴 lol.

Then, a return to full physical activity after 8 weeks.  I can't wait!!


The Starting Point

This is what my abdomen looked like prior to surgery.  I had a lot of strength though the separation between my rectus muscles was about 8-10cm.


**Dont mind the bruises!  This was after 3 days of surfing and I got a little beat up.  Well worth it though! 🏄

I'll share updates as I go and more progress pics.  That was one of my favourite things to see when I was researching the surgery and seeking inspiration.


Surgery Preparation

I did a lot to prepare for this surgery.  Mostly all centred around my mindset and creating openness and healing vibrations.


Meditation & Affirmations

One of the best things I found were meditations and affirmations specific to both surgery preparation and healing afterwards.

My absolute favorite was 'Successful Surgery' by HealthJourneys.  Here's the link - http://www.healthjourneys.com/Store/Surgery/25.

They have quite a few other guided Meditation packages also.  Too many to name but a few include PTSD, relationships, teen stress, smoking cessation, depression, anxiety relief, insomnia.


Immune Boosting & Inflammation Reduction

Another big part of my prep was getting my body ready for recovery.  I focused princely on boosting my immune system and eliminating foods in my diet that were inflammatory.

So, for me this meant adding in a ton of Vitamin C (Ener-C and 500mg tablets), normal dose of Calcium-Magnesium, Vitamin D, Omega 3s, and probiotics.  What I removed (at least for the week leading up to surgery) was all simple sugars, red meats and bread products.

I attempted a juice cleanse from Splash Juicery but am not really a fan of the green juices so I did more of a combo juice cleanse and healthy eating.

Despite having a bit of a cold going into surgery I felt very well prepared both mentally and physically.

Well, that's all for this update!  I'm sure there will be plenty more to come.  Thank you all for your well wishes, support and healing vibes.  I feel so loved ❤️.