3 Practices to Honor the Divine Feminine

by Caroline Stewart

The yin of creation.  Essential nature of being.  Feeling, flowing, embracing, expressing.  The earth mother as provider of support.

The divine feminine is both powerful and gentle.  She offers light in dark places, and compassion where there was judgment.

The divine feminine is the essential nature of love.  From the nurturing fires of the feminine, acceptance and creation is birthed.  Change and transformation blossom.

To honour the divine feminine, we have only to offer attention and gratitude to the divine power within us.  The divine feminine exists within all of us - female and male.  It is the necessary counterpart to the divine masculine.

Here are 3 simple practices to do today to connect to and honour your divine feminine:


From Gaia, all earthly support is shared. From the air we breathe, to the food we eat, along with the essential cycles of nature and the interconnectedness of all.

Spend some time today outdoors and feel the ever-present nature that surrounds you.


Offering yourself care and love is the same as honouring the divine and expressing gratitude for life.  Recognizing our source as divine reveals the fact that caring for Self is the same as caring for others.

Do one thing today for no other reason than because it is loving to you ❤


The divine feminine offers the beauty of all creation.  Recognizing and appreciating the perfection in all creation is a wonderful way to express gratitude.

Create sacred beauty through your actions today.  Choose colours and sounds and smells that you love.  Recognize the beauty in others and express this to them.