A Tantric Weekend

by Caroline Stewart

I just spent the full weekend blissfully immersed in the teachings of Tantra.  No, not the sexualized Western idea of Tantra full of unleashed desire, kinky sex, incense, and orgies.  I’m talking about original Tantra - the deeply spiritual tradition that draws the Vedic teachings of expanding consciousness and transcending the limits of body and mind into practice.

Tantra has just as much to do with sex than it does to do with defecation
— Favorite Quote of the weekend from Amanda

The course was led by the gentle and powerful teacher Amanda Ings, who uncovers the teachings with such grace and elegance.  We meditated, moved, and marvelled the weekend away.

Over and over again I felt my body relax into practice and received the repeating thought, “finally”.  Finally I was learning the language to explain my experience.  Finally I felt the connection I longed for to a tradition of practice.  Finally I was learning ways to access and protect the subtle energy I had been feeling and working with for years.

I’m so excited to dive further into the tradition.  Actually, beyond excited - it’s more of a relief that I’m feeling.  Like I’ve found that next step and I’m ready to relax into it.


What is Tantra?

Right.  I’ve shared that Tantra isn’t all about sex.  So, what is it about then?

As with many Yogic practices and teachings, Tantra shines a light on the path of liberation.  In Sanskrit, Tantra means “to weave” and comes from the term tanoti meaning “to expand,” and trayati, meaning “liberation”.

Through Tantric practices that weave the experience of our body, mind, senses and subtle energies, the consciousness expands and we transcend our limited sense of self that sees us as separate.

In Tantra practice, we dive deeply into experience and wisdom of the subtle energy body.  It is through this energy body that we awaken and experience the pure aspects of consciousness.


Why I Love It - Our Perfect Imperfection

What I love most about the Tantric teachings are the ‘weaving’ of the spiritual with the physical - with the experience I feel in this body, in this mind.  Tantra isn’t about transcending who we are, but rather it offers us a new lens of perception in order to see who we are more clearly.

Another aspect of Tantra teachings (or maybe this is just specific to Amanda) is the understanding that wherever we are is perfect.  We don’t need to be ‘further along’ or feign at being spiritual.  It’s really all about the current experience and working with THAT.

In spiritual teachings, there’s a heck of a lot of spiritual bypassing - of hopping past the struggle and playing at being fully realised.  The truth is that we just are where we are.  And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!

In fact, this ‘imperfection’ is perfect.  The biggest lie we tell ourselves is the lie of our imperfection.  We desire to be like someone or to be a ‘better’ version of ourselves and totally miss out on what’s actually going on - right here, right now.

Tantra teaches us to work with what’s going on for us.  To feel into it, to really be with ourselves.

Tantra takes the person as we are, seeking flaws and all, with all our worldly desires, highs and lows, and unifies one’s being into wholeness.

Now, THAT’S what I love about Tantra!


Learning More about Tantra

In case Tantra is something that you’ve been thinking of diving into, have I got an opportunity for you!  Amanda offers a 7 month intensive training program, all from the comfort of your own home!  Count me in!

If this interests you, I’ve popped a link below to Amanda's training.


Caroline Stewart-Inspired Me-Edmonton