The 2 hour and 53 minute Work Day

by Caroline Stewart

Question - How do you organize your business tasks, projects?

The great thing is that you aren’t at a job any longer! So, you have the opportunity to do it a little differently.

Even when you were working at a full-time job, do you think that you were working every minute of your day? The truth is that most people working at a full-time job only actually get 2 hours and 53 minutes of productive work done in a day. Crazy, right?!

We own our own businesses so that we have more time freedom. We stop trading time for dollars, and we live our purpose.

At least that’s the idea…

The truth of the matter is that it’s radically different than what we’re used to. And very likely that you’ll need to learn a whole new way of doing things!

Soooo…let’s start by looking at this 2 hours and 53 minutes business. Let’s say that this is our normal capacity. That working this amount of focused time is really how we are built.

Then all we need to do is set aside this time, get rid of distractions, and get down to the business of working our little hearts out.

But wait! What do we work on? Where do we even start? How do we know that what we’re working on is the right thing to be working on?

Great questions. The truth is, that it’s a bit of a learning curve when we start our businesses. And even when we’ve been running them for a while, we often fall into the trap of working on the things that are ‘easy’ or that we are in a habit of doing. NOT on the things that will make the most difference for our business.


At Wellpreneur, we’ve been through this! We’ve put our energy into things that really don’t matter to us. And we’ve felt that sinking feeling when our motivation hits the floor and we don’t know where to start.

Start with the Why - Your Vision
We just put up a blog post about this. Starting with the Why is the most important thing to do in your business. Most people starting business are so concerned with getting their business going that they skip this CRUCIAL step.

Your Purpose exists within you as an emerging vision for your life. This vision evolves and guides you on the path of purpose and acts as a foundation for all else.

Here are a few important questions you can ask yourself in order to draw out the vision of your life:

1. When you picture the life the you desire, how do you want it to look and feel?
2. Near the end of your life, when you look back, how do you want your life to look?
3. When you daydream or get lost in your thoughts, what are these wishful thoughts about?
4. Reflecting back on all of the things you have done in your life, what has provided you with the most joy and satisfaction?
5. If you could do anything with your time that you pleased and no longer had to work, how would you spend your time? Who would you share your time with?

MITs - Most Important Tasks
Now that you’ve got your vision down, it’s time to figure out what your Most Important Tasks are to be working on. This is something that I write out EVERY night for the next day and I limit it to 3 tasks only!

These are the tasks that would make the BIGGEST difference in my business and in serving my greater vision and purpose. And NO, accounting doesn’t usually make the list lol.

Your Most Important Tasks should be the first thing that you get to in your day. You absolutely don’t need to get through them. It’s more about following through on the commitment to yourself to uphold your vision. And you won’t believe how motivated you feel after you’ve tackled the most important stuff first! You might even get to that accounting after all ;).

I can’t stress this one enough. Now, it doesn’t need to be a complicated routine. And it’s totally ok if it shifts a little (that’s why you started your own business, right?!).

Your daily routine needs to set you up for success. It’s all about doing the right stuff at the right time that’s going to maximize your peak creativity and get you in the zone for an awesome day.

Here’s what I suggest -
1. Block off 2 hours EVERY morning somewhere between 8am and 12pm for uninterrupted work. This is your creative time and it’s important that you honour this time. If you wait until the afternoon, it’s not so likely that you’re going to be feeling very motivated.
2. Drink a pint of water first thing in the morning and do at least 15 minutes of exercise. This is essential to fueling your body, brain and soul and for kick-starting your day.
3. Get quiet and make time for soul connection. We’re in the Wellness biz. We know how important it is to come from a heart-centred place and connect with our higher self. But, do we always make time for it? Not likely. This one took me a really long time to get a handle on and is now totally non-negotiable ME time. It’s going to look different for everyone. For me, I set aside a good 30 minutes to do a card reading and then a 20 minute silent meditation.
4. Make time every day for FUN! Yes, I’m super serious on this one. Rather than staring blankly at your computer in the afternoon or getting down on yourself for whatever it is that you’re stressing about, follow your BLISS! It’s your light that inspires and don’t you deserve to be living the life that you’re preaching to everyone else about?

The bottom line of all this is that it’s not so much about WHAT you do what you focus on for work. It’s about changing your mindset and really embodying the soul and vision of your business. We would love to hear about your experiences and how you’ve dealt with these same challenges. Share the love!!