Ease into Fall - A Return to Wellness & Balance

by Caroline Stewart

Time to transition from the sunny, outdoor days of Summer to the slightly slower, more routined days of Fall!  Now, it's not Fall yet but the increased need for balance is beginning to surface for many.  Here are a few simple ideas to help ease your way back into wellness & balance.

1. Morning lemon water

Jump start your metabolism, digestion and ultimately your day with a morning glass of warm lemon water.  Drinking lemon water when you first wake in the morning offers your body a ton of health benefits and keeps those body systems functioning properly.  With the slowing down that naturally happens in the Fall, lemon water is extremely helpful with the transition.

Learn more about the benefits of drinking lemon water from Lifehack here

2. Schedule in your regular physical activity

As the temperature begins to drop and routine takes over, our physical activity naturally declines.  To help keep up with regular movement, sign up for weekly Yoga or fitness classes.  Keep your motivation up by committing to regular activity with a friend.

Check out the new fall Yoga schedule at Wellness Within here 

3. Book in your self-care

What do you do to keep your body and mind healthy?  Whatever it is, schedule it!  Whether it's a monthly massage, weekly coffee date with a friend or regular meditation time, make sure that you make it a priority.  Keeping up your self-care through season change is integral to transition.

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Photo by fotorince/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by fotorince/iStock / Getty Images