5 Reasons Why Being a Yoga Teacher is Awesome!

by Caroline Stewart

I'm sure by now, we all know someone who is a Yoga teacher.  Yoga has grown exponentially in popularity over the last 10 years.  And for good reason.  Yoga rocks!

Sure, there's more than 5 reasons to be a Yoga Teacher, but let's just focus on these 5 for now.

1. You inspire others!

Sharing your passion and love for Yoga is more than just moving through the physical practice.  You can see it written on the faces of everyone at the end of a Yoga class.  Yoga improves lives.  And as a Yoga Teacher, you get to be the one facilitating this spark of inspiration in your students' days.

2. You get to do what you love

Isn't this what we all strive for?  Doing work that is meaningful means that you love what you do.  If you love what Yoga does for you, then you already know that you will love the art of teaching Yoga.

3. You deepen your own practice

Being a Yoga Teacher is more than just teaching.  It is also about learning.  You can't help but be inspired by your students and the community of teachers that you will find yourself a part of.  

4. Internationally recognized

Most Yoga programs allow you to teach anywhere in the world.  Your skills are internationally recognized.  How cool is that?  Particularly for all you Wanderlusters out there ;)

5. Part of a community

Yoga Teachers are a pretty great bunch of people.  They put personal growth first and love a good moon party.  

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