Discovering Shangri-la


We found Shangr-ila.  Turns out it's not some mystical place in the Kunlun Mountains as we all thought it to be.

Just so happens that it's actually a quick ferry ride, half hour drive into Fern Gully-esque forrest, and a short rip on some guy named Cole's sweet little tinner away from Campbell River.

Ok, so I imagine you're thinking now that this really doesn't seem like the earthly paradise that Hilton described in Lost Horizon but I really don't know what else to call it.

Around the corner from what appears to be a tiny fishing lake at first glance is the hidden sacred space that we all somehow know exists.  It's that place that you dream of.  The one where your worries are non-existent, heart is full, and there's nothing that needs doing.

Home base on the lake was a quaint little A-frame with only 1 rule - no candles inside.  No problem.  Who wants to be inside when the full moon is ripe?!

I have never felt so free.  From the first moment we arrived and unceremoniously stripped naked to jump in the moonlit soaked lake, to the hour long dueling guitar jam sessions, we were transported into heaven.  For a moment or 3, I actually questioned whether I had left this life.

We spent 2 full days and nights in this incredible place.  I thought it would be hard to leave, but I was surprised to discover that it was as fluid as when we arrived.

Turns out that what we happened upon was more of an opening.  It was like searching for home, finally finding it, and then realising that home was with us the whole time.