Life doesn't get in the's all life!

by Caroline Stewart

When you change plans, aren’t able to show up, or cancel appointments do you say something like, “life just got in the way” or “sorry, life is crazy right now!”  This excuse seems pretty innocent from the outside.  Busy lives are common and in all that busyness there are a lot of responsibilities to keep up with!  But the truth is that this is a totally self-sabotaging belief.

We all have the freedom of choice and continually create our lives in the way that we desire.  Claiming that “life got in the way” is a total copout.  The truth is that you just chose something different.

It’s OK.

How about instead of making excuses, we own up to our choices?  Let’s take back the responsibility for creating our lives and be proud of the choices we make.  And if we don’t like some of the results of our choices, let’s make new ones! 

The more responsibility that we take for our life, the more abundance we welcome in!  When we share openly the truth that we craft our experience and have the ability to consciously choose the life we live, we open ourselves to the fruits of our creation.

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