3 Steps to Integrating Your Feelings

by Caroline Stewart

In last week’s post, I talked about our emotional guidance system and how we can utilize our feelings to move towards joy.  This isn’t a complex process or a mastery to achieve.

Listening to our feelings is simple.  It is being aware of what causes an emotional reaction in us and then pausing to allow the awareness to move into understanding and then application.

In order to utilize our emotional guidance system, there are 3 essential steps we move through as we process the feelings that are guiding us towards joy:

1. Awareness

You notice a feeling arise in you.  Awareness is watching the feeling, without judgment.

2. Acceptance

The release of judgment allows you to accept what you feel.  It is neither good nor bad.  It simply is.  By accepting the feeling, you release resistance and are able to see more clearly the source of the feeling and what guidance it is offering you.

3. Trust

Trust is the release of control and the understanding that all is perfect.  Without trying, pushing or guiding, your feelings are offering you truth and helping you to move towards joy. 

Try it!  The next time a feeling arises in you, rather than suppressing it, offer awareness.  Watch as your awareness moves into acceptance, and then trust.  What is this feeling telling you?  What guidance is it offering?