3 Steps to take you from Investment to Abundance

by Caroline Stewart

I've been in a high 'investment' phase of my life for the last couple years.  It's been an incredible experience; full of learning, growth and new opportunities.

Sounds incredible right?  It is!  But it's also easy to get stuck in this investment phase.  Particularly for me.  I'm still learning how to allow in the abundance that I create.

Oftentimes, I will funnel the abundance right back into more investment.  So, the greater the abundance, the greater the continued investment.  

This isn't a problem if we are also scaling up and fulfilling our ongoing wants and desires.  The struggle occurs when we fail to expand our sense of personal worth to match the growing abundance we are creating.  When get stuck.

To get out of the cycle of investment, we need to expand our idea of abundance and worthiness.  We need to allow in all of the good we are creating.

How do we do this?  Through my experience in business and coaching I've found these 3 steps essential to allowing in the abundance I create:

  1. Get clear on the desire.  What NEW state are you reaching for?  Meaning, what new level of income, state of health, amount of joy, expanded learning are you creating.  Ask for what you want!  Write it down.  Create an affirmation for it.
  2. Recognize your success.  See every success and celebrate it!  Tell a friend, share it with your community, write about it.  Acknowledge the abundance and offer gratitude for it.
  3. Allow abundance in through vulnerability and openness.  This is the most important step to create growth and evolution.  Do not turn away from the gifts being offered!  Instead, welcome them in with open arms.

New levels of success and possibility may feel uncomfortable at first.  This is just because it's new.  Welcoming in the gifts you receive will allow for new possibilities to form.

Be vulnerable and open.  Get honest and open up about what's really going on.  Are fears popping up?  Do you need support to expand?  Tell the truth and watch abundance grow!