From playing small to finding my purpose

by Caroline Stewart

It's been a long journey to get here.  To this place where I can now openly share my gifts and my story with you.

I spent MANY years hiding in the background.  Playing SMALL and waiting for the world to give me what I secretly longed for.

In those years of playing small, I diligently did what I thought was right.  I worked hard to support my family through the creation of my business Wellness Within, raised 2 beautiful children, and made every effort to be a supportive wife.

At the peak of my success in business and when I finally felt like things were getting easier with the whole parenting thing, I hit a wall.  I had EVERYTHING I ever thought I wanted and yet was deeply unhappy.

I took a full inventory of my life and realised that I was not living MY vision.  Sure, I was living A vision and to many it appeared to be a pretty great one.  But I definitely didn't feel great.

The inventory I took revealed a very large hole where SELF-LOVE and AUTHENTICITY should be.  It also turned up a burning desire to help, to serve, and to teach.

Something had to change.  Well, really, EVERYTHING had to change.

I began an intensive search for my authentic self.  And came to the very important conclusion that we ALL have purpose.  We are NOT here to play small and live a life of what ifs.

Now, I choose this belief of purpose over my fears.  I choose connection over judgment, and vulnerability over comfort.

I choose to offer WHO I am in all of my imperfect perfection and I am committed to helping others discover this trust and freedom for themselves.