7 Steps to Living in the Magic Again

by Caroline Stewart

Life can and should be magic!  If you're not currently experiencing ecstatic joy and deep fulfilment on a daily basis, it is likely that you are being held back by limiting beliefs.

The key to releasing limiting beliefs and uncovering the magic is to connect with the ultimate reality of our perfection and purpose.

To tap into our deeper potential and move our vision into manifestation, here are 7 Rules for Right Action as set out by Derek Rydall in his book Emergence: Seven Steps for Radical Life Change 

1. Have a clear vision

Clarity of vision is ESSENTIAL for uncovering the Magic.  A clear vision is the foundation for building a life that is rooted in purpose and in alignment with your highest potential.

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2. Act like the vision is true

Moving your vision from belief to manifestation happens through action.  Every day we choose how we act.  In order to bring our vision into being we must act as though the vision is TRUE.

Think about areas of your life where you are NOT acting according to your vision.  Why?  How can you begin moving towards this action rooted in vision TODAY?

3. Act according to your highest beliefs

We have many different kinds of beliefs.  Choosing our highest beliefs over our limiting beliefs is ESSENTIAL to moving from Vision to Manifestation + Magic.

Learn more about limiting beliefs and how to release them by reading the post How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Live Your Purpose by Caroline Stewart

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4. Act from where you want to be, not from where you are

Where you currently are is rooted in the past.  Our today is based on the actions we have or have not taken, and the beliefs we previously held.  Acting based on our present is like living in the past.

Picture how you want your life to look 10 years from now.  Act as though this is ALREADY TRUE!

5. Act from who you want to be, not from how you feel

Feelings are simply signals that we need to pay attention to something.  They are responses to a belief.  When we feel sad, it's because something in our experience triggered the belief that this experience = sadness.  Same with happy, angry, joyful, guilt etc.

To live in the magic, we must act from who we want to BE.  It will be uncomfortable as we come up against limiting beliefs.  This is the path of freedom!

6. Act without concern for the results

We can't know what the results will be of our actions.  The results may be felt months or years down the road, and may also first cause upheaval and discomfort.

Are there situations in your life where you've been overly concerned about the results?  Have you acted with expectation of return?  How has this limited you?

7. Act from the stillness 

Stillness is the space of all potential.  From stillness, we are connected to the ultimate reality and the magic that we seek.

Act not from excitement, impulse or fear, but rather from when you are still.  

Meditation is a powerful tool for finding this stillness.  Learn more about Meditation by reading Meditation - The Basics & 5 Quick Tips by Caroline Stewart

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