How to overcome limiting beliefs and live your purpose

by Caroline Stewart

We've all come up against limiting beliefs.  Those fears in the back of your mind that kick in when we're faced with something we haven't done before or don't know is possible.

Limiting beliefs deprive us.  They take the excitement of our hopes and dreams and turn them into what could have been.  

In order to discover your vision and live a life full of purpose and deeper meaning, there needs to be a way of addressing these limiting.

Here are 5 steps to get you started:

1. See them for what they are.  Limiting beliefs are simply warnings - reminders that you haven't tried something before.  They are your egoic mind shifting into protection mode and working to maintain the status quo.

2. Feel them fully. Ignoring or pushing away your limiting beliefs simply masks them.  In order to release them, you need to face them:
- Talk about them with a trusted friend
- Journal about them, asking the questions 'what triggered the belief?', 'how does this fear serve me?', and 'what is this belief holding me back from?'

3. Offer gratitude.  Your limiting beliefs aren't problems.  They're opportunities for growth.  They show you the areas of yourself that need a bit of work and illuminate the path to freedom through addressing the fear-based beliefs.

4. Embrace uncertainty.  The reasoning mind likes to 'know' what to expect and this is why limiting beliefs tend to crop up when we aren't familiar with something.  That unsettled feeling of uncertainty isn't bad.  Recognize it for what it is and the next time you feel it, simply allow it without resistance and watch it dissipate.

5. Live your purpose!  Your emerging purpose is going to be scary.  Emerging means that it hasn't been done before.  Choosing a life of purpose is the greatest gift you will give to yourself and the people around you.  Please don't deprive us of your potential!! ✨

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