The 5 Pitfalls of Spiritual Materialism

by Caroline Stewart

*Adapted from Deepak Chopra’s “The Book of Secrets” 

First off, what is spiritual materialism? Simply put, it’s the transfer of values from the material world to that of the spiritual world. The ego-focused seeking that confuses and somehow asks that we fit some sort of ‘ideal’.

How to Avoid the 5 Pitfalls of Spiritual Materialism

  1. Don’t know where you are going. Be open to change, to possibility. How can you learn anything new if you’re sure you know where you’re going? 
  2. Don’t struggle to get there. Meditating really hard for 8 hours straight won’t get you there any faster. And really, is there some place you actually need to get to? Allowing the process to unfold from within is about patience and trust.
  3. Don’t follow someone else’s map. So you admire someone else and what they stand for? Great! Maybe adopt some of the practices they use. But if something doesn’t fit for you, that is totally ok! Try something different and keep true to the things that work for you.
  4. Don’t make self-improvement a project to complete. Thinking that if you just get to some point everything will be complete is a dangerous approach. First off, how do you know you’ll ever get there? And secondly, what are you missing along the way?
  5. Don’t set yourself a timetable. Instead, support for spiritual growth is the way to go. Maybe try a discussion group, or a supportive partnership, or (and we love this one) get involved in community events!

Copyright 2016, InspirED Me Learning & Coaching, by Caroline Stewart