You have a choice - struggle or improve

by Caroline Stewart

Are you looking for a reason for struggle or to create improvement?  There is a big difference between the two.

When we are uncomfortable with something it's easy to become trapped in our own circular thinking.  We look for support for our frustrations and try to justify the way we are feeling.

What began as a challenge turns into a struggle.  We so often choose suffering and remain trapped in this prison of fear and anger.

There is another way.  A difference of approach that turns challenges into opportunities.  

When we look at a challenge through the lens of improvement, we turn the 'so called' problem on its head.  What was once a threat to our happiness is now an agent for growth and transformation.

The challenges we experience in our lives are a direct response to a resistance that we come up against.  Whether it is to strongly held beliefs, lack of communication, physical inability etc., our resistance is simply an indication that our past borders of possibility are being challenged.

What if we chose to respond to this discomfort of challenge with acceptance?  What if we told ourselves the truth about what's really going on and drop the act of creating support for the difficulty to continue?

We're not always up for the challenge.  Sometimes we wait until things are so uncomfortable that we have no other way but to give in.  And this is when the real transformation begins!

Have you ever experienced this?  Have you been so overwhelmed by a struggle or so tired of thinking about it that you just let go?  Only to find that you are met with a feeling of freedom and expansiveness rather than the pain and loss you feared.

Now, what if we could forgo the waiting period?  What if we chose to pay attention to the challenges and frustrations we experience and simply recognize them for what they truly are as opportunities for growth?  

It may be uncomfortable at first to allow these feelings as indicators.  Our lives are so often structured in such a way that we see difficulty as distraction and emotional response as an inconvenience.

Creating a new way of being takes vulnerability and openness.  It's a practice.  One that gets easier as it becomes a habit.

Try it and watch your life transform :).

Copyright 2016, InspirED Me Learning & Coaching, by Caroline Stewart