Meditation - The Basics & 5 Quick Tips

by Caroline Stewart

What is meditation? Simply put, it is listening. It is the experience of stillness and space in between thought. The expansion of this space is what draws us deeper into the experience of meditation. Finding this space is simple, but not always easy. 

Here are 5 quick tips for finding this space of openness and possibility at any time during your day:

  1. Watch the breath. The simple act of drawing your awareness to the breath is enough to pause the constant ramblings of the mind.
  2. Pause. Whatever you are doing, just take a moment out to be still. Stopping everything, if even for a moment, is a powerful reminder that we are not what we do.
  3. Inquire. When your thoughts start running away, take a moment to question them. Questioning your thoughts is often enough to take the power out of them. 
  4. Sound or music. Listening to soothing music or a sound meditation such as those in 432 Hz are fantastic ways to guide yourself into meditation.
  5. Feel your way through. You know that icky or panicky feeling you get when you experience anxiety? How about the next time you experience this, instead of distracting from or ignoring it, you feel it completely. This is absolutely a form of meditation. Full expression of a feeling allows you to release it and provide space for new potential.

ant to learn more about meditation and the benefits it offers?  Check out this Intro to Meditation with Tasha Davidson at Wellness Within in St. Albert, AB.

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