Spring Detox - 7 Essential Tips

by Caroline Stewart

It's Spring!  The Vernal Equinox occurred yesterday and brought with it the promise of longer days, growth and transformation.

From rest and the heaviness of Winter to the newness of life ushered in by Spring, transitioning seasons is a fantastic time for a mind-body reset and detox.  

Here are 7 ways how:

1. Hot water with lemon in the mornings πŸ‹. Kickstart your metabolism and digestion, get in that extra vitamin C, and support your liver's natural detox process.  Check out our post 'Top 5 Reasons to Drink Lemon Water Every Day!'

2. Daily gratitude practice πŸ’œ. We've mentioned this one before on the blog.  Gratitude is the simple understanding that life happens THROUGH you and FOR you rather than to you.  Doing this every day will transform the way you see the people and events in your life.  See our post on Gratitude with a free daily practice you can use!

3. Green up! 🍏  Greens are packed with nutrients.  They've got a TON of B vitamins and are super at improving your body functioning!  Try a green juice, smoothie or salad.  Here are a few delicious green smoothie recipes for you to try.

4. Keep your water handy πŸ’¦.  Drinking water throughout the day is easier than you think and is so important for detox! Keep a water bottle filled and with you at all times.  If you like it flavoured, pop a lemon wedge or slice of ginger in there.  I do both 😊

5. Get moving 🚴🏼.  Fit in 30 minutes a day.  Do this consistently and in just 1 week you'll notice your energy level rise!    It can be a walk in the morning or at lunch, a bike ride with your kids at night or a yoga class with friend.  Mix it up!  

6. Partner up πŸ‘­.  Go through the journey with someone!  Check in daily, discuss progress and challenges, try out that new activity together.  Studies have shown that we are so much more successful when we are accountable to and supported by someone.

7. Turn it inwards 😊.  Self-reflection is the key to lasting change.  This is very different than self criticism.  Be gentle with yourself, patient, understanding.  And challenge those fears and limiting beliefs you've been holding onto!  We have a great post on living up to your potential!

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