Are you living up to your true potential?

by Caroline Stewart

Are you feeling stuck?  Do you crave freedom and growth but seem unable to move?  

This may be a sign that you're trapped within your current paradigm.  You may be seeing the walls of what you currently know to be true as the borders of your possibility.  

But here's a secret for you - your paradigm is an illusion.  It's just an 'operating manual' that's helped you understand your past.  It has NO business being part of your present or future.

The real truth lies with your potential. Your potential is something you haven't experienced yet.  It's what lies on the other side of the walls you think of as what is currently possible.

Now this brings up an important question - If we can't see our potential, how do we know what it is or if it even exists?

It's actually easier than you think.  Potential exists regardless of whether you believe in it or not.  It is always there, waiting to be discovered.  All that we need to do is create the conditions for its expression.  

This brings us to the concepts of feeling and of alignment.  Feeling is the indicator that show us where our walls are.  And alignment is the process of being in the feeling of your potential.

While our intellect may know about our past and try to project this into our future, our feeling (often called 'heart') is designed to guide us into expansion.  It reminds us where our current blocks are and then show us which way to go based on whether we feel 'heavier' or 'lighter' upon exploring our options.

When we hit on a feeling tone of lightness, this is a clear sign that we have found the answer that will guide us in the direction of expansion.  When we feel heaviness, this is a sign that we've come up against a limiting belief we hold.

Now, we may start down this path of seeking 'lightness' and still not see what's on the other side of our paradigm walls.  That's totally normal.  

Our focus as a society on 'intellect' has led us to distrust that which we cannot see.  But it's there.  We need only to come in alignment with it.

Alignment is when we create the conditions for our potential by following our intuitive feelings of lightness.  Alignment involves trust and the action necessary to move forward.

Alignment is the doing.  It's the seeking and the work that activates our potential.

How does this information sit with you?  Does it make you feel inspired and excited for possibility?

If you're looking for the next step, perhaps it's time to explore some tools for building your feeling muscles and to create the conditions for active alignment.  There are a lot out there!

Some great tools I've found personally work for me are:
- meditation
- self-inquiry (see The Work of Byron Katie)
- reading inspirational books or writings (personally, I LOVE audiobooks, blogs and podcasts!  My all-time favourite being The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz)
- physical challenge (exercise, fitness goal)
- Yoga
- connecting with Nature
- free-writing and journaling
- energy work such as Reiki (see upcoming Reiki training courses)
- visioning and discovering your purpose exercises (we have upcoming Workshops on this!!)

Copyright 2016, InspirED Me Learning & Coaching, by Caroline Stewart