The Practice of Gratitude

by Caroline Stewart

Gratitude is a practice.  It is so much more than a feeling or a reaction to something good that happens to us.

Practicing gratitude is an act of self-awareness.  It is the recognition that life happens through us and not to us.

The experiences that we create are our greatest teachers and allies.  These experiences are direct results of our choices and are always in alignment with our true desires.

If we aren't experiencing what we say we want, it's because there's something blocking it.  We aren't yet in alignment with it.

Practicing gratitude is an incredible tool for realizing our true power of choice and aligning ourselves with what we do want.


Speak these words to yourself

"I am grateful for the expression of life that happens through me.

I am grateful for all of the difficulties and all of the joys I have experienced.  They are my teachers.

I am grateful for the relationships in my life.  They are my mirrors and my greatest opportunity to practice love and acceptance.  By loving and accepting them, I love and accept myself."

Take a moment to bring up any feelings or tension you have been struggling with 


See these experiences for the reflections that they are.  Offer gratitude for these strong feelings and the feelings that teach us that something in us needs attention.  Another part of us begs acceptance.

Offer acceptance.  Without questioning.  Or judgement.

Wait until the feelings of frustration lessen.  Then allow for release.


Now bring up feelings of joy and excitement.  See these for the reflection that they truly are.  Offer gratitude for these feelings - the feelings that teach us what love is.  What acceptance is.


Let's close this practice with 1 more thank you; one more expression of gratitude for everything in our life that offers us the opportunity to learn, grow, and deepen in love and acceptance.

Repeat to yourself

"As I move through my day, may I be open to the expression of life happening through me.

May I appreciate all of the opportunities in my life to learn truth and to continue to develop acceptance of self and of others.

Thank you"


Copyright 2016, InspirED Me Learning & Coaching, by Caroline Stewart