Healthy and Heartfelt DIY Christmas Gifts

Author Annabelle Blythe

It is no revelation to state that holiday gift shopping can be stressful.  Shopping in overcrowded malls is not exactly most people’s idea of an activity that lifts the spirits.  And choosing overpriced gifts that you know the recipients likely don’t need? In my experience, sometimes gift shopping feels downright wasteful.  Melt away the shopping stress by making a gift with your own two hands.  Homemade gifts tend to be less wasteful, are full of heart and the simple act of creativity can help relieve stress and anxiety.  Here are ten ideas for DIY healthy, heartfelt gifts to give this season:

1. Homemade Teas

Whether you live somewhere cold or warm this holiday season, few things are as cozy and comforting as curling up with a hot mug of tea.  During the holidays, we could all use a gentle bit of detoxifying support as the season tends to come with more than a few delicious indulgences.  Tea can be a very gentle, supportive way to help your body detox.  However, teas you find in the grocery store, and even at specialty shops, can be filled with artificial flavourings that are not so nice for your system.  It’s easy to order dried herbs online, or visit your local health food store/herbalist to stock up.  Ingredients like dandelion, nettle, red clover, milk thistle and burdock root all support detoxification in the body.  Play around with mixing ingredients, including delicious herbals such as peppermint, lavender, lemongrass and chamomile for flavour.  Get creative and mix up the ingredients, finding a mix that your loved ones would enjoy.  Mix the herbals in a jar and add some loose leaf tea bags for a beautiful, complete gift.

2. Natural Bodycare

Another enjoyable DIY gift is natural body care products.  Check out our recent post about the importance of choosing natural body care products, there are recipes for toothpaste, deodorant and body scrub near the end!  Package your homemade products in decorated jars.  These gifts are useful, and inexpensive to make large batches of - no more need to spend $35 on one expensive natural scrub! 

3. Essential Oil Perfume

A beautiful, intimate gift to give is a homemade natural essential oil blend.  All you need is a small glass container, an unscented carrier oil such as jojoba oil and the essential oils of your choice.  For 2 tbsp of oil, use about 50 drops of your favourite essential oil, or mix up a few.  You can also make an alcohol based perfume, adding about 10 drops of oil per teaspoon of alcohol and two ounces of distilled water or witch hazel.  Some delightful scents to try - lavender and vanilla, lime and sandalwood, or geranium for a beautiful floral scent.

4. Mason Jar Candles

Candles add a beautiful atmosphere to any home.  Making your own soy candles is easy and fun!  Candles can be scented with your favourite essential oil blend.  Find the recipe for mason jar candles on Something Turquoise.

5. Knit Winter Accessories 

Knitting isn’t only for your grandma!  Knitting can be very meditative and relaxing.  Soothe your holiday stress and knit up an easy scarf or hat for your loved ones.  New to knitting?  Check out Wool and the Gang - they make knitting cooler than cool, with beautifully vibrant yarn and easy knit kits to start today!

6. Granola

Healthy granola is easy to make large batches of.  Bottle in decorated mason jars, perhaps with a homemade label and a twine bow!  One of my favourite recipes for maple granola can be found here.

7. Healthy Cookie Mixes

Yet another delicious mason jar gift!  Any healthy cookie recipe can be converted into a recipe jar.  Simply add all dry ingredients layered into a jar, create a label with wet ingredients that need to be added and cooking instructions. Find an example here.

8. Raw Chocolate Bark

Chocolate bark is a delicious holiday treat that makes a great gift.  Choose a healthier option and whip up the easy, healthy chocolate breakfast bark from Joyous Health - yes, chocolate for breakfast!

9. Chia Berry Jams

Jams and preserves definitely remind me of the winter season.  Although homemade jams are delicious, they can be loaded with sugar!  Go for a healthier option with The Kitchn’s Chia Berry Jam.  A delicious, easy to make gift to share with the people you love. 

10. Recipe Book

Overwhelmed with all the incredible healthy recipes?  Make a book!  Create a scrapbook style recipe book for friends and family who are interested in getting healthier, or write recipes down on decorated index cards and place in a decorated wooden box.  This thoughtful gift will nourish the ones you love long after the holiday season is over!

Enjoy the process of creation and giving gifts filled with heart.  Have a happy, healthy holiday season!