Repurpose those Yoga clothes - 10 easy Halloween costumes you can make at home

by Annabelle Blythe

Finding an inexpensive halloween costume can be frustrating and downright impossible when everyone is spending so much money on store bought costumes to be worn for one night only.  With a little creativity there’s no need to thin out your wallet this year!  Thankfully, with a closet full of yoga clothes it’s possible to create many different costumes.

1. Yoga Instructor

The easiest and most obvious - a yoga instructor! Adorn your favourite yoga clothes, mala beads and enjoy walking around the party barefoot.  Namaste! 

2. Ninja

With black pants and a black long-sleeved shirt, you only need a few extra items to be transformed into a ninja! 

3. Animal of your choice

Pick a neutral colour of your choice and adorn some animal ears and a tail!  Construction paper can be cut up and taped onto your clothes to make spots or striped if needed.

4. 80s Fitness Instructor

Pick your brightest, boldest gear and pull out those leg warmers you’ve had hidden in your closet! Be sure to tease your hair and wear big hoop earrings. 

5. Boxer

All you need for this one is a classic hoodie and some boxing gloves! 

6. Dancer from Sia videos

The Sia videos took the internet by storm.  Wear a nude bodysuit and tights or leggings and find a bright, cropped blonde wig. 

7. Inanimate Object

An all black base can be a hilarious way to transform into any inanimate object.  Get creative with cardboard and construction paper! 

8. Vegetable or Fruit

Find a matching brightly coloured top and bottom and you’re halfway there to becoming your favourite vegetable or fruit.  Use purple balloons to become a bunch of grapes, some green construction paper to use as a carrot stem or broccoli top…the possibilities are endless!

9. Loofah

A hilarious costume I’ve seen in recent years is a loofah.  All you need is a leotard as a base and either stick bunches of tule fabric around your body or even a few loofahs with the string cut off.  Use a rope or long white shoestring tied near your neck as the string! 

10. Ghost/zombie

The classic ghost costume never fails! Wear all white, use baby powder on your skin, or if you want to upgrade to Zombie get some fake blood and get creative!