Healing Crystals - 5 Ways to Incorporate Crystals into Your Daily Life

Written by Annabelle Blythe

Have you ever been to a yoga studio, or perhaps a wellness based shop and noticed some beautiful, glittering coloured rocks that you just had to pick up?

Crystals are more than just beautiful stones - when incorporated into our daily lives they can actually have some remarkable healing properties.  These feel-good stones hold so much of the Earth’s history and energy within them.  Different stones possess different energies, and as a result can shift your own energy.  You can experience this for yourself - when in a relaxed state, perhaps browsing in a crystal store, pick up one stone you are drawn too and notice any shift in your current state, or any sensations you may experience from having that stone in your hands.  Then pick up another stone that you are not particularly drawn to.  This can be an eye opening experience!

It is suggested to find the right crystal for you, simply browse around a crystal shop and see what you are drawn to.  Do not worry so much about the healing properties, as usually you are drawn to what you need at that moment.  Once you have found your stones, here are some wonderful ways to incorporate them into your daily life!

1. Meditate with them

Crystals can be used in meditation.  You can meditate on the mental image of the crystal, with the crystal physically touching you through holding or placing on a certain chakra while lying down, or simply meditate with the crystal near by. 

2. Wear them

Crystal jewellery is becoming more and more popular in the yogic community, and can be a beautiful way to carry the energy of your favourite crystal with you wherever you go. 

3. Carry them with you

Simply keeping a crystal in your pocket, wallet or bag can help you maintain healing throughout your busy day to day life. 

4. Create a Crystal Grid

Creating a crystal arrangement, or crystal grid, can be a beautiful way to incorporate crystals into your home.  Use your intuition when making the grid, and place in any area of your home that you want to have healing, positive energy. 

5. Place under your pillow

Crystals can also heal as you sleep! Place a crystal under your pillow for a restful sleep and clarity in your dreams. 

Some common crystals and their corresponding healing properties: 

Rose Quartz-InspirED Me-Yoga.jpg

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a beautiful, lightly pink crystal that can have very calming effects.  Rose Quartz is known as the “love stone” an emits vibrations of love.  This crystal can be used to help you give and receive love.

Clear Quartz-InspirED Me-Yoga.jpg

Clear Quartz

This striking and common stone is known as the “Master Healer”.  This stone can be used to bring higher vibrations into your life, and can be used to help move through any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issue you are experiencing. 


Amethyst-InspirED Me-Yoga.jpeg


This purple stone is known as the “All Purpose Stone” and is particularly known for helping increase intuition and mental clarity. 

Citrine-InspirED Me-Yoga.jpg



Citrine is a beautiful yellow stone and can help attract more abundance into your life.  Financial abundance and protective energies can all be manifested through using this stone. 

Amazonite-InspirED Me-Yoga.jpg


This aqua-coloured stone can help clear blockages and balance energies throughout your body.   Amazonite can also help block stress from electromagnetic fields from electronic devices such as cell phones, computers and microwaves. 


Get creative when using these powerful stones, and enjoy all that this earth has to offer us!

Photo by tjasam/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by tjasam/iStock / Getty Images